What Makes Candidates Tick?

Learn how to use psychology and proven recruiting techniques to get more of what you want.


How to write powerful cold recruiting emails that get responses
Persuade people to respond to your recruiting emails
Access candidates that other recruiters cannot
Get more responses, candidates, and hires



“A Game Changer”

“I’ve been recruiting for 10 years and have had good success at it so I went into this course with a healthy amount of skepticism that I would learn anything new, but man was I wrong! Clint’s strategies are simple enough that anyone can implement them quickly, but powerful enough to bring a fundamental shift in results which will ultimately translate into more billing. I’m super-excited to start using these strategies today. I almost didn’t write this review because I don’t want my competition to find out about these tips! Great stuff, Clint!”

Senior Executive Recruiter

“Take this course and write better messages!”

“Are you tired of blasting out lame template messages to potential candidates with very few responses? Have a case of writer’s block you just can’t shake when crafting that perfect email? Still trying to figure out what kind of tone is appropriate in a cold message? Whether you’re a seasoned headhunting veteran or a rookie recruiter, this course offers great insights to help up your cold-messaging game and actually get responses from those candidates that look like your next hire. Clint offers great tips and strategies to help you craft messages that will have a higher opportunity to generate responses and conversations. It’s not a magic pill that will guarantee everyone responds to your message, BUT it is a great foundation for writing messages and interacting through social media.”

Senior SAP Recruiter

“Detailed, thoughtful, and creative!”

“Clint has put together a great wealth of material that approaches recruiting the way it ought to be treated. This course is detailed, thoughtful and creative, which I feel isn’t always the case with the high-volume/heavy-work-load nature of recruiting. There never seems to be time to step back and ask if it’s worth taking more time to become better and more efficient. This course offers a great method for doing precisely that! If you think you know everything about crafting effective messages, I would wager that the approach taken in this course will have you rethinking every message you send.”

Senior Technical Recruiter/Sourcer at Apple

“Top Talent Outreach”

“I was really impressed with this course. Clint made it easy to follow and takes notes as you go. But the most important part is the material itself. We all know that the more challenging the role is we are trying to fill, the better we have to be at attracting top talent and getting people’s’ attention. This course helps you do that. I’m in Executive Souring where this is especially important. Most recruiters don’t spend a lot of time personalizing their emails- at least not to this extent. This approach will help your messages stand out and really connect with the candidate. My favorite part is the breakdown of the email structure and content. I just finished the course last week and I am already using the tips with success. Never stop Learning!!”

Executive Talent Acquisition Sourcer at eBay/PayPal

“Take this course!”

“This course does a deep dive into cold emails giving tips and tricks to get the responses you need from passive candidates. Clint takes you through step by step so you not only know what to do, but why it is effective. I recommend this course for recruiters at all levels, as it is a fresh perspective. The more experienced the more relevant while the novice can create best practices. It can feel long at times, but once you actually get through it all, you’ll realize that it was all great material. I watched the course every morning (sections) for a week as my morning professional development. Sign up and start the course today!”

Senior Recruiter at Argosight

“Clint is one of the best recruiters I have ever known so I came into this course with high expectations. It did not disappoint. Relationship building through emails is not easy, but is necessary for attracting top talent and engaging the candidates you want. Clint hits all the major factors it takes to do this in a very clear, easy to follow course. Highly recommend for any recruiter who is looking to attract top talent and build relationships effectively!”

Technical Recruiter at Spiceworks

“From an active recruiter – what a great course!”

“I am currently actively working in the recruitment industry in London, and I have been for around a year and a half. This course has really taught me how key messages are – as candidates are our “product” in essence. Personalisation and a casual tone are imperative – this course has taught me so many new things I will try tomorrow. Thanks Clint!”

Senior Recruitment Consultant

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